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Wedding photography holds a special place in my heart. I love LOVE! I love capturing those in-between intimate moments with a newlywed couple and the joy, laughter, and love that radiates off a newlywed couple and their family and friends.

Steve + Christina

Steve + Christina

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Rob + Abby

Rob + Abby

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Jake + Sarah

Jake + Sarah

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Jake + Alli

Jake + Alli

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Rob + Abby:

Nichole is amazing to work with! She has a natural ability to make a person feel comfortable in front of a camera.  She also has a genuine passion for catching intimate moments.  Her pictures manage to capture incredible light.  We could not ask for a better photography experience!

Jeremy + Erica:

Nichole is amazing and (we) were lucky enough to have her shoot our wedding.  She was so flexible, clear with communication, and quick to respond to anything we needed.  I love the way she captured our personalities and love for each other so naturally. She also wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty with us in the meadow behind our venue for the very best shots. Love our photos and our overall experience with her!


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